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At its heart, Conspiracy is a craft cocktail bar focusing on and inspired by Pre-Prohibition classics. With an aesthetic nod to turn of the century secret societies, Conspiracy has the feel of an exclusive club, just one where everyone happens to be invited! We at Conspiracy believe that food and drink are an expression of art, culture and history - worthy of the time and attention paid to other crafts and as such require utmost respect and attention to detail. That is what you will get from us each and every day - our most earnest attempt to provide an experience designed for maximal enjoyment, comfort and conviviality.

Space is limited, reservations recommended.


Conspiracy Events

Have an event you would like to plan at Conspiracy? Please contact us at

We have a few events going on this season, check them out below!

Tiki Taco Monday

Monday, August 2nd, 5:00 PM
It's Tiki + Taco Time. One special featured tropical drink -just for today- spirit TBD!
Two awesome tacos created by Chef Jen, plus the signature beef crunch wrap!
And our summer Tiki cocktail menu too! We're your tropical getaway in CT!